Process of psychometric testing pyc 4807

Reliability ensures consistency and validity ensures accuracy, they are both required and one relies on the other Moerdyk, In conclusion, raw score would not make any sense that is the reason norms are important aspect to understand and give meaning to raw scores by comparing individuals scores or group scores.

Oxford University Press ] that their mean scores were inferior to those of white children, possibly due to inferior education, and not being exposed to such measures.

How a Psychological Measure Is Developed Pyc4807

Three types of normalised standard scores are used: One needs to be aware of face validity, which is not what the test actually measures, but what the test appears to measure. There is a distinct relationship between item difficulty and item discrimination, the difficulty level of an item restricts the discriminatory power of an item.

As assessment in South Africa was developed in an environment characterised by an unequal distribution of resources, based on racial categories, it served to highlight racial segregation.

There are steps to be followed in developing a measure and they include planning, item writing, assembling and pre testing, item analysis, revision of the measure, technical evaluation and the final phase being publishing of a measure. Depending on the method for response, who is involved in the administration of calculating the test results, different approaches would be taken.

Oxford University Press c. Criteria used for item selection………………………………………………………………………. The accepted size of the reliability coefficient differs according to the measure it is used for. When judging the validity of a test it is vital to consider the factors affecting the validity coefficient as well Reliability, differential impact of subgroups, samples homogeneity, criterion contamination, moderator variables, and the relationship between the predictor and criterion.

The developmental scale can be divided into two types Mental age scale and the grade equivalents which are based on underlying principle that certain human characteristics increase gradually with an increase in age and experiences.

If the target culture group is unable to handle one with a similar difficulty level, another instrument should be selected. In the case of the nursing college, the best selection model would be the constant ratio model.

These phases have specific steps and according to Foxcroft,it is a process that may take up to three years. The items could be tested on a small number of people from the target population, to assess the efficiency of the stimulus methods. This occurs when respondents do not complete the assessment.

According to recent literature, tests are being reviewed and be applicable especially to Africans and Asian since more constructed test on the market did not take into account issues like language and social factors while administered and the results reflected negatively on non-Western population.

This correlation gives the reliability for only half a test. Item analysis phase This phase is where the items are individually analysed to see whether it serves the purpose for which it was designed.


Due to the fact that test abuse will still be a problem, the Psychometrics Committee and the International Test Commission ITC have developed certain competency-based training guidelines for practitioners. A percentile is a score which fall below a given raw score.

One should ask themselves does the test measure the same thing in different cultures, does score t differ from one cultural group to another although testees have the same ability true and apparent item biasis the regression line too high or too low for members of the subgroup.

However it is not directly comparable with transformed standard scores, as the SD differs. This coefficient is the coefficient of stability. The challenges we face in South Africa where we have eleven official languages and where English is being taught from grade four for non-English students, there should be multiple languages in place.

PYC4807 Psychological Assessment

I intend to follow guidelines outlined in Tutorial LetterPYCp9 to comprehensively discuss theme 1 of this module. As is the answer format that I am planning on using. If this step is not carried out effectively; if the staff administering the tests are not trained correctly, or instructions are ambiguous this could have negative implications on the measure.

As the environment in which they would be working should they qualify relies on precise instruction, this may be a factor that discriminates against the applicant. The format is either objective or subjective.

One could correlation one's own test with another test, aiming for a moderately high correlation. Under the development of a measure, seven phases will be listed and steps under those phases will be discussed thoroughly. Paper based tests need to be arranged appropriately.

This test is time consuming and expensive since much caution is needed in selecting up items with equivalence in both tests. View Test Prep - PYCE-1 (1) from MNO at University of South Africa. UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS UNIVERSITEITSEKSAMENS UNISA‘E‘ unmmty Of south afhu PYC () OctoberlNovember.

Psychological assessment is a process that involves the integration of information from multiple sources, such as tests of normal and abnormal personality, tests of ability or intelligence, tests of interests or outlooks, as well as information from interviews (Framingham, J.

). As much as there is a keen interest in improving the selection process by using psychological measures, there is however some degree of reservation amongst staff about the value of psychological measures in a multicultural context.

Ashley Stringer-Franco PSY/ Psychological Tests and Measurements September 17, Glenn Leighbody. Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to assist in arriving at some hypotheses about a person and their behaviour, personality and capabilities which is used to make effective decisions such as those in the selection process.

(10) (b) Explain what is meant by predictive validity Discuss its relevance to testing in early childhood (5) (c) List the ethical conSIderations a practitioner should be mindful of when assessmg children. UNISA Psychological assessment PYC assignment on child case study in South Africa, for B.A honours in applied psychology pyc CASE.

R80, Add to cart. Add to wishlist. 8 (0) Psychological Assessment PYC Assignment Creating a test battery UNISA Psychological assessment PYC assignment on child case study in South.

Process of psychometric testing pyc 4807
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